Pamela Sue Pâtisserie

Pamela Sue Pâtisserie combines the French technique with a tropical and exotic style, to seduce the most refined palates. All of our desserts are homemade, by guaranteeing freshness and quality. We come from Cartagena, located on Colombian’s Caribbean coast, a land that showed us a new approach of creating desserts with a unique identity and healthy values. We also lived in France, where we learned the pastry savoir faire and from the mixture of these two traditions is born Pamela Sue.

We are an eco-friendly pastry and caterer. We take care of the planet by avoiding food waste, the use of plastic and using biodegradable packaging. We want to please you with a variety of beautiful pastries handcrafted every day. Contact us to satisfy your desires, we offer our pastries for events and parties. We love to fill your life with delicious moments. Our contact information is (438) 872 6666 and

Pamela Sue Aduen Bray was born on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. She has a bachelor’s degree in International Business with a long experience in the tourism industry.

After living in Colombia, Australia and France, Pamela has finally established in Canada.

With a special taste for the preparation of desserts, during her trip to France she found one of her greatest passions:  the art of pastry.

All started at Keller Pâtisserie-traiteur in the south of France, when Nadja accepted to teach her the pastry savoir-faire during the week, and hire her on weekends to help with preparations when there were a lot of orders.

Afterwards, Pamela worked at Pâtisserie Druart with Jérôme, who had just moved to Sainte-Foy-La-Grande with his family, after having worked in London, New York and given classes at the Cordon-Blue in Ottawa.

Thanks to these experiences Pamela Sue Artisan Pastry was born in Cartagena. The perfect opportunity for Pamela to test her knowledge with her home network and tourism contacts, such as hotels, restaurants and coffee-shops.

The 11th of April 2016 Pamela moved with her husband to Montreal, and shortly after, she started working at La Maison Christian Faure, a renowned French pastry-shop in the Old-Port.

Six months later, Pamela continues to pursue her dreams by enrolling in the SAJE Accompagnateurs d’Entrepreneurs and opening Pamela Sue Pâtisserie Artisanale once again, in Montreal this time around.